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Casteels highlights ten empirically proven facts about birds and their songs, as well as discusses the approaches European art music composers have taken with regards to birds. He then goes on to give a background and a brief analysis on his composition for the grand finale of the Singapore Botanic Gardens' 150th Anniversary, Bird Songs. The article closes with a recommendation of specialised literature relating to some interesting aspects of birds.

Casteels examines the relation between music and image in the movie Clouds-Letters to My Son, a film by Marion Hansel. The essay analyses the formal structure of the movie with respect to its use of sound - what the music seeks to portray, its style, tonality; the sounds of nature; and finally, silence and its effect.

Book-object created by Raphaël Casteels in 2007 comprising: - one case sculpture out of plexiglass of 26 x 26 x 11.4 cm; - two oriental bindings type daifuko cho on two note-books published on Darwin paper of 160gsm, 26 pages, 10 pictures; specimen number I/V; - one catalogue published by Robert Casteels, National University of Singapore, in 2006

Analysis of the the organ piece opus 82 entitled Abba.

Asian Folktales and Legends was the title of a special concert conceived and given by Robert Casteels with the National University of Singapore’s guitar orchestra in 2010. A poet wanders, muses and invites the listener down Asia’s memory lane with guitar music from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and The Philippines.

This analysis of part two of my composition entitled Berlayar ke Mata Hari 5 opus 25 shows the structural organisation in 5 sections, the harmonies spread over nine octaves and the time as well as numerical proportions in relation to number 19, which was the key number of all 19 pieces that constitute the Berlayar cycle, composed and premiered from 1997 to 1999.

Biografie en uitgebreide werkbespreking tot en met december 2012.

Bar by bar analysis of the theme and twelve variations that constitute the 2009 composition opus 66 entitled Bird Songs.

The guitar duo entitled chiaroscuro is based on the following material: a melody in harmonics; an accompanying rhythmic ostinato; a chromatic chordal shift, ascending and descending simultaneously, with a gradual decrease in length; a chiastic rapport between the two guitars and three pitches corresponding to the acronym of the bank CIC that commissioned this piece.

This extensive conversation-interview between Robert Casteels, Ms Jolie Giouw and Mr Didier Ballenghien first appeared in the booklet of the audio compact disk entitled 'Resonances of Asia volume 3' in 2012. Ms Giouw is a lawyer and amateur musician. Mr Ballenghien is the Executive Vice-President CIC Singapore Branch and amateur musician. CIC or Credit Industriel et Commercial is the French Bank that commissioned Robert Casteels to compose Tintinabulum for 2 pianos in 2009, Chiaroscuro for 2 guitars in 2010, and Greed&Fear for string quartet, temple bell, Wall Street bell, video and electro-acoustic sounds in 2011. CIC also produced a set of 3 cds and 1 dvd entitled 'Resonances of Asia'. The conversation touches on a whole range of issues in Casteels's work. 

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Composer, conductor in Singapore with specialty in fusion music

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