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Title Up Opus Composed in Duration Number of performers required
A Day in the Life of a Garden op.47 2003 7' 35" 2

    Cover of full score: Orchid by photographer Wong Sher Maine [2003] (reproduced with permission of the photographer]
A line runs away 1 op.51 nr 1 2006 4' 3

Cover of the score: original drawing by Joshua Yang [2009] [reproduced with permission from the artist]
A line runs away 2 op.51 nr 2 2007 6' 6
A line runs away 3 op.51 nr 3 2016 6' 6
A line runs away 4 op.51 nr 4 2017 6' 4

Cover of the score: A line runs away, original drawing by Joshua Yang [2009] (reproduced with the permission of the artist)
Aan de Muziek op.110 2017 140'
Abba op.82 2011 11' 40" 1
Acqua nel riflesso op.136 2021 24' 40" 7
Cover by Sabrina Zuber
aller stond (t') op.111 2017 5' 1
Book with seven works for carillon
Apeiron op.130 2021 11' 11" 1
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Composer, conductor in Singapore with specialty in fusion music

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