Cover of the score: A line runs away, original drawing by Joshua Yang [2009] (reproduced with the permission of the artist)

A line runs away 4

  • for erhu, pipa, qudi and vibraphone




  • Duration: 6'
  • In 1 movement
  • Composed in 2017
  • First performance: 10.07.17 Yuan Qi (Erhu), Yu Jia (Pipa), Tan Chye Tiong (Dizi) and Ngoh Kheng Seng (Percussion) Old St John’s, Nelson, New Zealand
  • ISMN 979-090-16-5396-2
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  • Downloadable scores for inspection:
Item: A line runs away 51 no. 4 (score with parts)
Item ID No.: ISMN 979-090-16-5396-2

Composer, conductor in Singapore with specialty in fusion music

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