Special Projects

As a concert organiser, conductor and pianist, Robert Casteels has received commissions to organise and perform special programmes for corporate and private functions.

The following is a selection of special events and projects which Robert Casteels has organised:


• "Pictures at an (SG) Exhibition" is a 2019 transdisciplinary project conceived and led by Robert Casteels, funded by the Creation Grant of the National Arts Council and executed in collaboration with the National Gallery, Singapore. Ten upcoming Singaporean composers were commissioned to compose a piece of chamber music inspired by Singaporean patintings of their choice that belong to the collection of the National Gallery. The compositions were premiered next to the paintings, recorded. The score was published.


• "Time:crystals" is a 2019 transdisciplinary project funded by the National Arts Council. Part of the project was a continuation of 'Hearing Images&Seeing Sound'. the other part consisted in the creation of 'Nine Dragons' with videographer Cécile Chagnaud.


• "Hearing Images&Seeing Sound" is a 2016 transdisciplinary project conceived by Robert Casteels and funded by the Creation Grant of the National Arts Council. This research project brought together visual artists Milenko Prvački and Joshua Yang, videographer Hilmi Johandi, electro-acoustician and e-luthier Dirk Johan Stromberg, composer and conductor Robert Casteels as well as singers Evelyn Ang, Angela Cortez, Melissa Estrella, Daniel Ho, Jeremy Koh, David Ng, Leslie Tay and Felicia Teo. The research culminated into a performance evening that took place on 14-12-2016 in the Dhoby Ghaut Visual Arts Centre followed by an eponymous exhibition. A 77-page catalogue published in March 2017 comprises an introduction by Bruce Quek, “Eye for Ear, Ear for Eye” essay by Robert Casteels, “About Dictionary” essay by Milenko Prvački, “A theatrical approach to collaboration” essay by Dirk Johann Stromberg, the exhibition opening programme, pictures of the work in progress, exhibition documentation, pictures of the the artwork, contributors’ biographies, website links and acknowledgments.


•   "xxxx:time:space:" (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) are collaborative works for various acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments, live audio and visual processing, tape and video conceived and executed by Dr Robert Casteels (composer and sphere-player), Dirk Stromberg (e-luthier and composer) and Andrew Thomas (visual director). More info at http://timespace.sg/


•   "Music from the Heart" (2012), in which the heart is taken literally and figuratively; authentic sounds of human heartbeats are incorporated in a cycle of eight art songs. Each song is based on a poem in a different language that treats of in a positive way of eight kinds of human love. The cycle concludes with a finale entitled Happy End.


•   "Music, Planets and Stars" (2012), an outdoor sound and video happening during which a massive orchestra of brass players is positioned around the audience and engages in a dialogue with micro-wave signals captured by radio-telescopes.


•   "Music and Finances" (2011), a concert that includes music compositions inspired by stock market and financial crises.

•   "Asia folktales and Legends”,  a special concert with the National University of Singapore’s guitar orchestra in 2010. A poet wanders, muses and invites the listener down Asia ‘s memory lane with guitar music from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

•   "Music and Birds", a jazz event conceived for the grand finale of the 150th Anniversary of Singapore's Botanic Gardens and performed on the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage in 2009.


•     "Food, Plants and Music",  a collaboration with installation artists Christine Dupuis, Thorsten Baensch and Bob Verschueren in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in 2007.


•     “Music and Architecture", a collaboration with sonic artist Baudouin Oosterlynck and 120 students from the National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture in 2006.

•    “I’mPULSE”, the first Asia-Europe music camp, for the Asia Europe Foundation in Manila (Philippines) in 2005. Casteels conceived and executed the idea of gathering together young players to play new pieces by young composers. All participants came from countries member of the Asia-Europe foundation. The final concert took place in the Cultural Centre of The Philippines and was recorded.

•    "Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes by Ligeti", concert in collaboration  with the Singapore community for the first anniversary of the Old Parliament Arts House in 2005.

•    “The Magic of Music in Movies”, a film-cum-concert festival in collaboration with film director Marion Hänsel, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the National University of Singapore Centre for the Arts in 2004.

•    “Spirit of Wood”, a fundraising dinner introducing the Spirit of Wood exhibition which celebrates the continuity of a living art where visitors learn the origins, history and art of traditional woodcarving from the Northeast Coastal States of the Malay Peninsula, showcasing two compositions by Robert Casteels


•    "Mozart - Varèse", a concert during which movements from Mozart's Gran Partita alternated with compositions by Edgar Varèse in a startling and mind-opening contrast.

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