Cover of full score: Orchid by photographer Wong Sher Maine [2003] (reproduced with permission of the photographer]

A Day in the Life of a Garden

  • For solo multiple percussionist, pianist and pre-recorded sounds (with 1 percussionist on bass drum, set of crotales, small suspended cymbal, glockenspiel, maracas, marimba, tam, low and high triangle, vibraphone/ right hand of pianist on three-pedal grand piano and guiro, left hand pianist for tape with string, percussion and nature sounds)

  • Duration: 7' 35"
  • In 1 movement
  • Composed in 2003
  • Commissioned by the Garden City Fund
  • Dedicated to all nature and park lovers
  • First performance: 02.12.03 Ng Sok Wah (percussion) and R Casteels (piano) Ballroom of Istana (Singapore)
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  • Recording: Cd Kreisleriana
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Day Life Garden
Programme notes:

Robert Casteels recorded sounds from gardens and parks in Singapore. Sounds of rain, thunder, birds, frogs and walking nature lovers are integrated with the music played by the instrumentalists. The music begins by describing the misty sunrise in a park and livens as park lovers enjoy their brisk morning walk. Rain starts to fall. Lush strings accompany a chorus of baritone and bass bull frogs in e flat until nature unleashes thunder and lighting. After the storm, the walk resumes. The pace increases when joggers pass by. As they catch their breath a second passage of warm strings leads to a joyous assembly of birds chirping. Crickets enshrine the falling night as the sun sets. Commissioned by the Garden City Fund, A Day in the Life of a Garden was first performed in 2003 in Singapore’s Istana and is dedicated to all nature and park lovers.

Item: A Day in the Life of a Garden (full score)
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Composer, conductor in Singapore with specialty in fusion music

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