Cover of the score: original drawing by Joshua Yang [2009] [reproduced with permission from the artist]

A line runs away 1

  • for kayagŭm, viola and mime




  • Duration: 4'
  • In 1 movement
  • Composed in 2006
  • Commissioned by Hee-sun Kim (version 1)
  • First performance: 30.11.07 opus 51, no 1: Hee-sun Kim on 30.11.06/ opus 51, no 3: Zen Ensemble conducted by R Casteels on 17.09.11 National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts (Umeyondan, Korea)/ opus 51, no 3: Poh Ern Shih Temple, Ksitigarbha Hall (Singapore)
  • ISMN 979-0-9016504-5-9
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Programme notes:

A line runs away was inspired by the poem entitled ‘Sketches of lines No. 1’ (1966) by Korean poet Moon Deuk-soo: “A line runs away like a thin snake/ A second line pursues quick as light out of darkness/ One after another, other lines bite the petals/ Like a snake, another line pursues and bites/ Like flames blooming out of darkness/ More lines tear to pieces and drop/ The boundless gauze is woven like cobwebs/ A round cosmos like an egg/ lands quietly on the flowery gauze”.

The piece exists in fourversions: a trio for kayagŭm, viola, mime, solo yang qin and Chiense instrumental ensemble, a sextet for two gu zhengs and European classical string quartet and finally in a quartet for gao hu, pi pa, qudi and vibraphone.

Well-known Korean kayagŭm soloist Heesun Kim commissioned and premiered the original trio version in 2007 in the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts (Umeyondan), Korea.

Item: A line runs away (score with parts)
Item ID No.: ISMN 979-0-9016504-5-9 and 979-0-9016504-6-6

Composer, conductor in Singapore with specialty in fusion music

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