Dayung Sampan

  • transcreation for solo organ

  • Duration: 1' 30"
  • 1
  • Composed in 2015
  • First performance: 05.10.15 Esther Wong Victoria Concert Hall
  • Parts: Please email <>
Programme notes:

Ascending and descending arpeggios describing sea waves open the short transcreation of the popular song entitled Dayung Sampan made by Robert Casteels for the organ and premiered by Ester Wong in October 2015 during a Victoria Concert Hall Organ Series. In reference to the lyrics (Row the sampan; anchored in the port in a Chinese town, you have come to Singapore; an oar to row your sampan to Singapore), the sweet melody is interspersed with gentle swaying on two music notes.

Composer, conductor in Singapore with specialty in fusion music

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